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Week of December 25th

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Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Please read before deciding to invest in options.

James is back to wrap up the year! He's in with Tom and Tony to take a look at 5 of Tom's opening trades from this week.

First up is Limited Brands (LB), Tom sold a reverse jade lizard. James looks to mimic the same bias with a skewed iron condor.

Next is Tom's Yen-Euro trade which he has traded multiple times this week using futures. James looks at using long FXY (Yen ETF) against an FXE (Euro ETF) short call spreads.

EWW (the Mexico equity ETF) is next on the list. Tom sold a strangle and an extra put. James does the same thing with an Iron condor, using 2 put spreads to 1 call spread.

In GILD (Gilead Sciences) Tom sold a put ratio spread. James moves the strikes and instead caps the risk using a broken-wing put butterfly.

Lastly, James highlights Tom's scalping of Russell 2000 Futures. He considers buying an IWM put to replicate the bias. The main purpose of this is to have the conversation with Tom and Tony as to why this is not their go-to short delta trade.

Tune in for the full recap of the last week of 2017!

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